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Todays resources economy is tomorrows well-being of our children

        Northern Interindustry ompany The Alternative Ltd pays great attention to the quality of undertaken works and to the quality of output production. The responsibility for the quality lies on the Quality Control Department that our company has.

        The system of business quality management is certified by Certification Association Russian Register in IQNet system for compliance with international quality management system ISO 9001 and the Russian military standard of quality system GOST RV 15.002. The company has its own group of certified auditors of quality management system.


        The developments of our company are protected by patents in 11 countries. The production is produced under trademark recognized in all countries of the Madrid Agreement.

        certificate of trademark

Useful models patents:

  useful model patent of Russia

  useful model patent of Estonia

  useful model patent of Germany

  useful model patent of Bulgaria

  useful model patent of Belarus

  useful model patent of Ukraine

  useful model patent of Kazakhstan

  useful model patent of Kazakhstan

  useful model patent of Turkey

  useful model patent of Hungary

  useful model patent of Uzbekistan

  useful model patent of Poland

Certificates of Russian Register System of Personnel Certification:


The production is certified EnSERTIKO system

Figures showing your boilers functioning
after installation of the profiles made by us
will tell you more than you can hear now.
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