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Short information on manufacture


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        Capacity. 500 tons of ready-made product per month. Further capacity increase will be planned according to the work-load.

        Manufacture preparation terms. The agreement on design and technological documentation plus technical characteristics of your order are issued in 1-2 weeks since signing a contract. Price of your order (calculation) is issued in 2-3 days after defining the order size and the place of dispatch. If it is necessary, our specialists will come to your station to specify technical characteristics of each single regenerative air heater (conditions of functioning, structural peculiarities) and carry out thermal and aerodynamic calculations in order to define the more suitable design variants for the customer.

        Dispatch with any type of transport agreed with the buyer (motor-, railway-, water transport).

        Quality guarantee. The producer guarantees full accomplishment of the technical assignment and carries guarantee obligations on the delivered heat exchange elements during the period of 18 months since the date of receiving the product by the buyer or (when keeping the product at the buyers storage with observation of storage conditions) since the date of regenerative air heater repair. In addition to the above, the producer guarantees high performance of the offered heat exchange elements and good fuel economy.

        In addition. The enterprise presents the range of recommendations for better functioning of regenerative air heaters. If it is necessary, the enterprise carries out assembling under control of our specialist.

Dispatch by road
Dispatch by rail
Regenerative air heater's destination point
   at the heat-and-power station

The production is certified
in EnSERTIKO system

Figures showing your boilers functioning
after installation of the heat exchange elements made by us
will tell you more than you can hear now.
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