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Todays resources economy is tomorrows well-being of our children

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With the questions of technical support and technical consultations for the specialists of power stations, please, contact the manufacturer directly, i.e.:

Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd / NICA

Office 300, 31A Arkhangelskoe highway, 164500 Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia
Phone numbers: 007 (8184) 589898, 501065
Fax number: 007 (8184) 529595

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Open Mon. - Fr.: 08:30 17:30; Lunch break: 12:30 13:30 (Moscow time)

Holidays: Our offices are closed during the following Russian holidays:
- The 1st , the 2nd , the 3rd , the 4th and the 5th of January - New year holidays
- The 7th of January Christmas Day
- The 23rd of February Defender of the Motherland Day
- The 8th of March International Woman's Day
- The 1st of May The Day of Spring & Labour
- The 9th of May Victory Day
- The 12th of June Russia Day
- The 4th of November National Unity Day

Contact persons of Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd
Shchus A.

Director General
Alexey Shchus

Mankovsky V.

Technical Director Chief Engineer
Vladimir Mankovsky

Revyakin N.

The head of technical project department
Nikolay Revyakin

Ikko A.

The head of production and contract department
Arina Ikko


The production is certified in EnSERTIKO system

Figures showing your boilers functioning
after installation of the heat exchange elements made by us
will tell you more than you can hear now.
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