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Tests results


Todays resources economy is tomorrows well-being of our children

References on the application of ® heat exchange elements
Balakovo CHP-plant-4
8 Saratovskoye highway, Balakovo
Appraisal report on the results of heat exchange elements replacement (-84A boiler)
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Engels CHP-plant-3
Industrial area, Stroiteley street, Engels, Saratov region
Report on thermotechnical tests (-320-140 boiler unit)
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Samara CHP-plant
495 Karl Marx avenue, Samara
Technical report on the tests results of heat exchange elements (-420-140- boiler)
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The production is certified
in EnSERTIKO system

Figures showing your boilers functioning
after installation of the heat exchange elements made by us
will tell you more than you can hear now.