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Manufacture of heat exchange elements for regenerative air heaters


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Komyagin V.

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  •      Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd produces unique heat exchange elements for regenerative air heaters of boiler units at power plants observing requirements of S 108.030.138-85 called Rotary regenerative air heaters of stationary steam-boilers. General technical conditions. The baskets structure and the parameters of heat exchange elements have been worked out by thermal power engineer Vladimir D.Komiagin occupying himself with research work and practice in the field of boiler unit work perfection for more than 36 years, that gives an opportunity to produce a unique high-performance heat exchange elements.

          The main peculiarities of our product are as follows:

    strMaterial used for manufacturing cold-end and hot-end baskets

            Heat exchange elements plates are made from low-carbon steel with 0.6-0.7 mm thickness in the hot end and 1.2 mm thickness in the cold end.
            The baskets bodies are integral by perimeter and made of sheet carbon steel of standard quality with 3 mm thickness for the hot end and 4 mm thickness for the cold end.
            At the wish of the customer heat exchange plates are made from low-alloy types of steel, such as COR-TEN and its analogues with 0.61.2 mm thickness.< To the top >

    strService life of heat exchange elements

            Service life of any heat exchange elements to a considerable degree depends on its design peculiarities, fuel type used for the boiler, temperature of cold air fed to regenerative air heater, i.e. it depends on work of calorifers and many other reasons.
            Service life of heat exchange elements considerably exceeds the service life of standard heat exchange elements and could be greatly increased if apply additional measures that you could apply on your own or with our help.
            - elimination of heat loss in regenerative air heater;
            - rising air heating before regenerative air heater up to the required value;
            - more even distribution of gas and air flows in regenerative air heater;
            - certain storage conditions of regenerative air heater during standstill, and other measures for which we are ready to provide our recommendations.
            Guarantee period of heat exchange elements is 24 months starting from the day of putting into operation.< To the top >

    strAerodynamic resistance of baskets.

            Aerodynamic resistance of the baskets produced by us is within the limits of acceptable values and coincides with the normative values.
            We can guarantee greater resistance reduction, if the plant would like to, during preliminary design study of the order, i.e. by changing the type configuration. < To the top >

    strStructural peculiarities.

            Structural design of the baskets produced by us differs significantly from the standard design, at the same time fully coinciding with the requirements of S 108.030.138-85.
            The baskets are assembled of the pairs of profiled sheets: a corrugated sheet and a ranging sheet having not only longitudinal embossings but also inclined waves between embossings.
            Waves height, their frequency, geometry and structural section are optimal and differ from standard ones.
            Parameters of heat exchange elements are defined precisely for each order depending on performance conditions of boiler units, i.e. fuel type and the presence of preliminary calorifer air heating.
            Sheets arrangement in the basket is radial.
            Baskets sizes are optimized in the layout that on average increases total inner section of the baskets by 3-4% (depending on regenerative air heater type) in comparison with the designed heat exchange elements. Accordingly, the section of spaces (i.e., shunts) between the walls of the rotor and the baskets is decreased by the same value. Engineered value of clearance between baskets casings and radial partition walls of the rotor is 7-8 mm per one side. If actual deformations of radial partition walls in rotor of regenerative air heater exceed these values, then this fact can be taken into consideration in design documentation during a certain order manufacture.
            Baskets structure presents no difficulty when mounting inside the rotor of regenerative air heater but allows to effectively overlap small shunts that have been left over between the walls of baskets casings and the cells of regenerative air heater rotor by pieces (i.e., joint bars) made of 2 mm thickness sheet fixed to baskets casings or to the rotor for providing leak-free overlap.
            Baskets casings are seamless by whole perimeter, optimizing their sizes in the layout together with quality sealing of all the gaps increase coefficient of elements heat-exchange surface use up to 0.9 0.95, that significantly exceeds the value for standard manufacture of the heat exchange elements (that is, practically, on average 0.5 0.65).
            The height of heat exchange elements sheets produced by us doesnt exceed the value of 600-650 mm that allows to additionally intensify the surface of heat exchange elements in relation to the heat exchange elements with 1,000-1,200 mm height and to achieve this way more stable heat recovery in comparison with the designed one. Just because of this we have divided the hot end in two by height. Its less technologically efficient for the production but gives unquestionable advantages during performance.
            Heat-exchange sheets also have enhanced surface in the cold end and they are assembled into baskets by two, i.e. with longitudinal embossings and without them, just like in the hot end. In comparison with the typical cold heat exchange elements made of smooth sheets, heat-exchange capacity of the cold end of the offered heat exchange elements is 2 times better. Increased portion of heat recovery in the cold end not only increases heat recovery in regenerative air heater as a whole but also protects fuel gas dew point from penetrating into the hot end during burning high-sulfur fuel types and disadvantageous modes of boiler functioning.
            High-performance structural section of the heat exchange elements together with optimal basket height reduce the speed of the heat exchange elements contamination allowing to reduce cleaning of work surface of heat exchange elements as well as to do it with less effort, i.e. to reduce costs for service.
            Extended service life of our heat exchange elements is achieved due to all the factors named above and due to the quality of its manufacture. < To the top >

    strProduction quality.

            Quality management system of Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd is certified for conformity with ISO 9001:2008 by Certification Association Russian Register in International Network IQNet. The production of heat exchange elements for regenerative air heaters is certified in EnCERTIKO system of RAO UES of Russia.
            The product manufacture is fulfilled according to the requirements of technical documentation and S 108.030.138-85.
            Dispatch of each set of baskets is carried out in a railway open wagon or in a covered semitrailer, according to the individual scheme of disbracing that eliminates damage of baskets during their delivery to the buyer.< To the top >

    strApplication effectiveness.

            Efficiency of boiler functioning greatly depends on efficiency of regenerative air heater functioning. The usage of heat exchange elements provides:
    • real increase of boiler efficiency;
    • sufficient fuel economy;
    • decrease of electricity production cost;
    • reduction of the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
    • boiler operation without any power limitations (draft and blast limitations are removed);
    • increase of equipment service life.
            Operating efficiency of regenerative air heater with the heat exchange elements produced by us is confirmed by the results of performance and independent tests that have been carried out on request of our buyers technical services, i.e. TGC-7 (Volzhskaya territorial generating company, Samara city), namely:
            - in 2006 at Balakovskaya heat-and-power plant-4, TGC-7, running on natural gas, during repair of regenerative air heater -54 of -84 boiler No. 5, the heat exchange elements produced by us were installed. Heat-engineering tests took place after repair with involvement of the specialists from Saratov State Technical University. As a result of carried out tests, considerable improvement of boiler performance indices and possibility of gas economy up to 3,700-3,800 thousand normal m3/year were fixed, here recoupment period of total capital investment was less than 14 months. If you are interested, we are ready to forward you more detailed results of carried out tests.
            On your request we can also send you the figures of boiler functioning after installation of our heat exchange elements at Arkhangelsk heat-and-power plant and at the whole range of other plants and stations.
            Efficiency of our heat exchange elements as applied to the performance conditions of your boilers can be confirmed by comparable thermal and aerodynamic calculation, to do this wed offer you to inform us of the input data on the operation factors of the boiler where the replacement of heat exchange elements is planned to be. The application form to fill in the input data. < To the top >

    strPay-back period

            Pay-back period for the purchasing and replacement of heat exchange elements is 6-15 months and depends on fuel type of the boiler, size of regenerative air heater, quality of baskets installations into the rotor and other possible factors.< To the top >

            We hope that the information offered by us is interesting to you. We are ready to e-mail you more detailed information on the questions you are interested in and also we can fax it or post it to you.

    The production is certified
    in EnSERTIKO system

    Figures showing your boilers functioning
    after installation of the heat exchange elements made by us
    will tell you more than you can hear now.
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