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Metal structures for oil and gas production


     Manufacture and Assembly of Metal Structures for the Facilities
of Oil and Gas Complex

     WE PRODUCE metal structures for the construction of oil and gas complex facilities:

  • Beam structures
  • Truss structures

Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd executes:
  • Development of metal structure drawings (section of detailed metal structure drawings)
  • Manufacture of metal structures including the production according to customers drawings
  • Assembly of metal structures into units for transportation
  • Assembly of metal structures at building area
  • Assembly of equipment and pipelines at the site

     Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd offers best conditions for cooperation and acceptable prices for the manufacture, assembly and installation of metal structures. Our specialists will carry out a set of works from the work drawings development to the assembly of metal structures, equipment and pipelines. Dispatch of finished products is fulfilled by any type of transport.
     The specialists of the company have great work experience in heavy climatic conditions. The company was taking part in the construction of drilling rigs Prirazlomnaya offshore ice-resistant fixed platform, MOSS CS-50, Arkticheskaya self-lifting floating drilling rig at various stages of their production preconstruction, execution of assembly works on the building berth, further construction.

     Patterns of works fulfilled:
  • Metal structures of units frames
  • Pipeline racks
  • Hangars, warehouses
  • Assembly of equipment and pipelines
  • Navigation marks
  • Transmission line poles
  • Cell phone transmission masts
Manufacture of the metal structures is based on the projects worked out according to the current norms and rules. The quality of metal structures is provided by means of high staff qualification, usage of certified materials, observance of engineering requirements with the usage of modern production equipment. The products satisfy the requirements of normative documents in the field of oil and gas production field. We ensure quality and reliability.

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