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        Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd has got professional administrative and qualified production personnel that always achieves the aims set by the company.

        There are professionals involved in different areas of production at the enterprise, namely: personnel working on gas-welding devices, gas carvers, assemblers of metal ships hulls, experts on pipes, mechanics-assemblers and fitters. Carrying out orders on different objects, our company personnel working on gas-welding devices has got new habits of work. In particular, they have mastered welding of cold-resistant steel, having proved themselves as specialists of the highest level. All of them have personal certification of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

        In addition to this, there are technical engineering specialists and administrative personnel working in the company. They have gone through studying and certification in industrial safety and labor protection. Production chiefs are trained and certified in electrical safety as well as in work with cranes and lifting mechanisms.

        The administrative staff consists of various specialists and managers providing our companys activity in advertising, technical, economic, legal and external economic spheres.

        Total number of our companys staff working on a permanent basis reaches approximately 300 people. Besides that, depending on the volume of carried out works, our company can additionally attract up to 500 people of various industrial specialities on a temporal basis.

        Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd continues to develop fast, that makes it possible for its employees to raise the level of their skill and professional growth. It provides its employees with social guarantees and competitive salary level.

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Trade mark of the Russian Sea register
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