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Industrial opportunities



Assembly and welding works on modernization of Admiral Gorshkov
Laysky ship-repairing factory
Rybinsk ship-building factory
Rybinsk ship-building factory
Ship-repairing factory Krasnaya Kuznitca
Construction of pontoons of KUT type
Repairing the hull of OTA tugboat
Repair of the ship equipment
Construction of Arkticheskaya platform
Ship-repairing and ship-building factory Priboy
Construction of a chisel platform Prirazlomnaya a chisel platform

        For its strategically important activities in ship-building and ship-repairing as well as in manufacturing the heat exchange elements for regenerative air heaters Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd has got its own working areas with the total area of about 6 thousand m2 equipped with the mechanisms that have lifting capacity of 20 tons and other equipment. Also the company has its own storage facilities and trnsport.

        Our equipment is as follows:

  • Metal-cutting and metal-working machinery;
  • Welding equipment (for hand-operated and semi-manual welding)and gas-cutting equipment;
  • Assembling and test facilities;
  • Other equipment, various fittings and hand-operated mechanical instruments.
  •         Technical opportunities that our company has allow to have complex construction of small-sized vessels (cutters, tugboats, barges, pontoons, etc.) using line production as well as construction of separate sections and units of vessels hull constructions with weight up to 20 tons with further assembling into one unit on a slipway or afloat.

            Besides that, for carrying out various projects on complex ship-building and ship-repairing of different vessels types Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd has the opportunity of renting slipways and working areas in Russian and foreign shipyards or carrying out subcontractor works on the territory of other shipyards.

            When reviewing proposals, our company specialists are able to offer optimal engineering and organization idea for realization of any project, which will be adapted to the buyers needs.

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    Rybinsk ship-building Factory
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